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If you think that all that you have to see in America is Las Vegas, Chicago, San Francisco and New York, you are wrong. The US is such a big country as we all know it, with an almost inexhaustible source of things and cities to see. Many people tend to visit some less known cities, because that is the beauty of tourism indeed. Here we will say something about „ unknown“ cities yet to explore, and something about well-known cities that you didn’t know.
Charlottesville is a beautiful city in Virginia state, about 110 miles from Washington. Name of this city came from Queen Charlotte, spouse of George III. Charlotteville is considered to be a beautiful little town where everything spins around the famous universities where young people come to study from all over America. All of them enjoys famous Corner place and the famous green grass surface, and it is also available for tourists. dsc07074Here you can also find the home of US President Jefferson, on the top of the mountain, where the big event is held on every July 4th. After many nice buildings you could visit, we also recommend visiting natural beauty – Shenandoah National Park, where you can see southwest mountains and many beautiful landscapes.
Miami – beaches, the sun, palms, music, wealth and famous people. That is what we all think about when speaking about fotolia_69060197_subscription_monthly_xl-e1418745981268Miami. Although it offers all of that, Miami is declared as the most depressed city in the US according to newest studies. One of the favorite cities for famous and rich people to settle, Miami is also fighting real estate crisis, the crime rate is very high, and traffic jams are unbearable. Anyway, there are also many reasons to visit Miami, and all of them you already know, so, feel free to check out Miami, and make sure if those studies are just „ some reporter’s speculations,“ as usual.
Many people wondered which city in the US is best to raise children. Of course, when we are young and almost without large responsibilities, every city seems like a good place to live, especially large ones. But, when children come, many people start to think about moving into some smaller city, for many reasons. For instance, when you get kids, you will no longer be able to travel to work and back in hours, you need to spend time with them, and to pick them up from school, etc. So, the small city seems to be a great choice. Of course, now we could give you the list of small cities that could be nice to live in with children, but one is on top, as usual. That city is Grosebeck, TX. It is a town with its 7000 residents that live in harmony with nature.

There are enough schools, and you can choose which one your kids will attend. Visit Groesbeck and you will meet plenty of family one story houses and residential buildings for several families that stretch along the street, with plenty of green areas and cows that graze on it. Yes, cows and chickens are very present in this little town. This city can commend with one of the best private schools in the US.

One of the most attractive thing in Groesbeck is a large amount of recreation places, parks and culture events. It is located near the large city of Cincinnati, so if young parents want to go out at night sometimes, they can bring granny to keep children here, and go to Cincinnati for the junket.

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